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Major Christine Smith





Associate Area Commander


The Salvation Army


Knoxville Area Command




Christine Clark Smith, a third generation Salvationist, was raised in Florida by Salvation Army officer parents, Majors Richard and Florence Clark. As an officer’s child, they moved every two to three years and so she has lived everywhere from Key West to the panhandle. One constant in her life was The Salvation Army Camp Keystone. There she grew in her relationship with the Lord and heard the call to be a Salvation Army Officer. While attending Asbury College her parents became the corps officers in Bradenton, Florida. When she came home from college she began dating Todd Smith at the Bradenton Corps, a former staff mate from Camp Keystone. In 1972 they were married and together they entered The School for Officer’s Training for The Salvation Army and were commissioned in 1978.


They returned to Florida for three corps appointments in Orange Park, Pinellas Park, and Pensacola. From there they were appointed to the staff of The School for Officer’s Training and then to the Youth Department as Divisional Youth Secretary and Divisional Corps Cadet Counselor in the Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi Division and then to the National Capital and Virginia Division in 1991. In 1994 they went to the Texas Division as Divisional Secretary and Assistant Women’s Ministries Secretary and then General Secretary and Women’s Ministries Secretary. The Smith’s returned to the NCV Division being appointed there in June of 2001 as General Secretary and Women’s Ministries Secretary. Major Todd Smith also served as the coordinator for the ten Metro Washington Area Corps.


During their time in the NCV Division, Christine was appointed to the Brengle Holiness Institute.


After 20 years serving in administrative positions within The Salvation Army, Major Smith made a request of the Army to serve closer to the field. In June 2005, Majors Todd and Christine Smith were appointed as the Area Commander and Coordinator of Women’s Ministries in Charlotte, North Carolina. Together they oversaw all Salvation Army work for the Charlotte Metro Area. This included 2 Corps Community Centers, 9 Boys and Girls Clubs, the Center of Hope (a 200 bed women’s and children’s homeless shelter), William Booth Gardens Apartments (a 128 apartment senior citizens low-income housing) and the Area Command offices.


In June of 2008, they were appointed as the Area Commander and Coordinator of Women’s Ministries for The Salvation Army of Greater Birmingham. Programs there included 3 Corps Community Centers, the Social Service Center, a 200 bed men, women’s and children’s homeless shelter, and the Area Command offices.


In June of 2011, they returned to their home Division of Florida with Todd as the General Secretary and Christine as the Women’s Ministry Secretary.


However, their first love has always been to serve on the field and so in June of 2015 they were appointed to the Greater Knoxville Area Command.


The Smith’s have one son, Travis, age 33. In February, he became the proud father of a baby boy, Travis, Jr.



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